I have a PhD in New Testament from Princeton Theological Seminary and have taught at St. Olaf College, Augsburg College, and online for Fuller Seminary. I did my MA in New Testament at Luther Seminary and my undergraduate work in English Literature at Hamline University.

I have a number of interrelated areas of interest: language and texts (how we read them and make sense of them, how we discover or construct meaning in and from them–this includes both literature and scripture), God (in theology and experience and how those interact), philosophy, history, art and music. These are the basic loci of my interests and they connect and overlap in various ways as should be clear from the blog.

I overuse em dashes, parentheses, and ellipses. I also like footnotes. Sorry. Salinger spoiled me long before grad school did.

I am a horrible speller and typist. If you see a mistake, let me know. I’m happy to fix them.

If want to know more about the blog’s why, how, and what-for, you can check out the first and second posts.

(I have another bloggish thing of more random material to be found at Chalk Traces.)


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